The only thing left to know is that I am as all, I breath and I don't mind.

Creo que hoy me voy
Disculpa la inconveniencia
Me faltaron muchas Cosas pero de lo poco que tuve me enamoré de una ilusión y soñé experiencias que se convirtieron realidad. Adiós.


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Market in Abidjan, 1969.
by Paul Almasy

mirrored palm

You are everywhere,
Forever free.

Forever and truly free,
The single witness of all things.

But if you see yourself as separate,
Then you are bound.


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"I forgave him, a hundred times over, and never on the basis of anything more than this: a look, a gesture, a certain tilt of his head."
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"Uso el sarcasmo porque matar es ilegal."
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Voy a vivir sin depender de nadie, no sé como, pero lo haré.

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