The only thing left to know is that I am as all, I breath and I don't mind.


The Smiths- Bigmouth Strikes Again

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My Neighbor Totoro (1988)


im not crying there’s just overpriced college education in my eye

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"You think ‘Okay, I get it, I’m prepared for the worst’, but you hold out that small hope, see, and that’s what fucks you up. That’s what kills you."
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why do hot boyfriends happen to bad people

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Nan Goldin 
Self-Portrait in Blue Bathroom, London 1980


yeah but what if fred weasley became a hogwarts ghost

pulling pranks and flirting with seventh-years and telling an over-exaggerated version of his death to anyone who will listen, haunting slytherin first years and popping up in the boring classes and making faces at the teachers behind their backs

skip a few decades. george weasley dies.

fred’s ghost is never seen again in hogwarts

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(by anna verlet shelton)